The most important thing about a WordPress tutorial is that it makes learning the site easier. Not only does it help you understand how the system works, but it also makes it much easier to learn how to customize the site and add other features to it. Why a WordPress Tutorial Is Good

When I first began using WordPress for a few projects, I realized that there were many benefits of setting up a WordPress tutorial for my project. It helped me understand some of the core functionality of WordPress as well as many of the best practices for choosing a theme and content management system.

When I first started using WordPress, I would frequently receive emails asking for help or tips on how to better utilize the WordPress platform. I decided that since I had already done some research and understood some of the core concepts, I would give someone a free WordPress tutorial for their website.

Once I started to receive emails asking for help on these subjects, I began to learn that WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. Here are some of the core benefits of a WordPress tutorial:

WordPress is not a blogging platform. It is a content management system (CMS) that allow users to publish their own blogs, article directories, and also post content to other web sites.

The WordPress system is built for usability and is easy to use. The features and options are relatively few and serve a specific purpose.

Themes are able to offer a variety of functionality to customize the look and feel of your site. You can create your own designs, or if you prefer a theme, you can choose one that comes with a pre-made set of design elements.

You can personalize your site by posting content. You can personalize your site with your own pictures, information, quotes, videos, and even audio files.

Sites have blog posts which allow users to create a mini-blog within the site. This allows you to start a blog at a given date and time and then go back to the main site to post new content.

You can choose from a variety of themes that are unique and allow you to create different topics based on your interests. This helps to keep your blog interesting as you move through time.

The WordPress system allows website users to make custom widgets for adding content, options, or even more links to a particular site. This makes it easy for website users to interact with other website users.