The Most Common SEO Tools and How They Can Help You Increase Your Online Business

Do you know that a major part of SEO techniques is its use of search engine optimization? What is the relationship between SEO and other methods of marketing? Here are some SEO tools you can try:

Sitemaps – Adding them to your site will help you find what the searchers are looking for and prioritize their searches. A good algorithm may cause you to include a number of keywords in your pages and this will create the impression that they are coming from a general search engine and thus, help you find them faster.

Page rank – There are tools out there that help you decide how to rank your pages. The better the page rank the more competition you’ll face.

Title tags – You must include keywords in the title to optimize the crawl for the keywords. Remember to not make it too long but don’t forget to use the tags as well. They’re used to organize the search results that will appear on the first page of a search.

Meta description – In some cases this is a meta tag in the HTML code that doesn’t appear on the page. But the description goes right after the heading and before the first heading in the HTML code. This text is used to describe what the page is about.

Meta tags – If you do not use meta tags at all, you will have less competition in the search engines. Some of the other SEO tools will help you remove those that are not used often.

Page rank – Another SEO tool is page rank. If you go through the search engine results a few times and look at all the pages that are ranked higher than you, you will see that they are the ones with strong titles, consistent keyword usage and are relevant to the topic you are selling.

Website maps – This is an online map that shows the parts of the internet that have traffic from every webmaster. All of the pages are listed so that they can be clicked on and you can get a good idea of what parts of the internet will generate traffic for your website.

Article directories – You can also place articles in article directories to provide content to the community. Your website will have more visitors, as it has an increased number of content resources.

Themes – A lot of article authors are using themes as they provide more options to the readers. So if you want to take advantage of these themes, just use one as the template and put them on all your pages.

These are just a few of the most commonly used SEO tools and the best thing about them is that they are very cheap. There are other tools that you can try such as Google Analytics but in my opinion they are not as useful and cost more money to do.