Should You Choose A Web Design Company Or A Digital Agency?

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Should You Choose A Web Design Company Or A Digital Agency?

You may have come across the term Web Design before and found it confusing. What is this thing called a Web Design? How do they get their name? And why is it so confusing? Here are some of the questions you should know about a Web Design company.

Most significantly you’ll find some companies classified as Digital or Creative Agencies, and others as Online Creative Services or Offshore Web Design Companies. First things first: what is a “Web Design”? It is the process of creating a website that is both search-friendly and professional in appearance. That is not all: there are actually many sub-categories under the broad heading of “Web Design”. In fact, the definition of such a broad subject is a subject worthy of its own article – suffice to say that each sub-field will provide the opportunity for web design companies to cater to a specific set of clients.

For example, some website design firms (and indeed, only some website design companies) offer eCommerce capabilities. Others specialize in SEO (search engine optimization), content management and social media marketing among other things. Still others focus on mobile apps, user experience design and e-commerce amongst others.

Some web design companies go by tradition, while others are relatively new to the game. The agency offering the latest, greatest product or service may be a relatively young firm, but it is bound to be cutting-edge. And it is also bound to be more efficient than any old, established agency out there. A web design company specializing in creating cutting-edge solutions is called a disruptor in an industry dominated by conformists.

Now, the advantages of the agency route are many. In addition to the obvious benefits of being more flexible, there are other subtle ones. For instance, you can always tell a web design company how you want your website to look. You can request certain features, and the company will build it for you. They will use certain software packages, create your layout based on those specifications and then submit your concept and accompanying plans for implementation. There is no denying that this is a lot more efficient than building and operating from scratch.

However, the disadvantages of the web design company route are fairly obvious. Most of us have seen the gigantic, expensive and well-thought out website of Microsoft. A web designer working for them simply cannot compete with the work of Microsoft. But, if you are not a big fan of Microsoft, then this probably isn’t a problem for you.

In general, however, it is probably wiser to opt for a small, nimble and cheaper web designer rather than an agency. This is not because the agency is bad; it is simply that you can find better web designers in the smaller, amateurish business. These designers are often much cheaper than the biggies, and it is usually impossible to tell the difference between their work and that of a professional. The smaller, amateur designers might also be more flexible in terms of deadlines, but the one thing they lack is a professional reputation.

If you really want a website designed quickly and competently, then you should probably consider hiring a digital agency instead. But what do you need from a web design company? You should know how experienced and talented they are, but also, ensure that they have experience dealing with the kind of products you are dealing with. Otherwise you risk getting things messed up. Digital agencies have all the necessary experience and know exactly how to deal with different kinds of clients.